As more scientific evidence has been directly linking diet and weight loss as of late, many new nutrition diets have hit the marketplace. Because different bodies react to different diets different ways, there is no be all end all nutrition diet, otherwise everyone would be on it, as well. One particular nutrition based diet has been garnering a lot of attention lately mostly because of the way in which it is approached.

The metabolism is that part of the body which determines how quickly and successfully all foods get broken down inside the body. The faster the metabolism, generally the faster fat is broken down. Incidentally, most of the overweight people in this country are that way because of a slow metabolism. They eat faster than their bodies can process and burn the fats so it builds and stores throughout the body.

Because the metabolism is so instrumental in determining how the body handles or stores fat, most of the nutrition based diets revolve around influencing the metabolism is some way. While it’s generally accepted that it’s impossible to outright change your metabolism, it can be influenced and tweaked slightly with varying eating patterns to run faster and consequently promote more effective weight loss.

While it seems somewhat counterintuitive, eating more often is the secret to weight loss in some respects. Obviously this does not entail running out and eating everything you want. Instead, smaller portions of certain foods more often spread throughout the day is the course to take. In this way, it’s actually healthier to eat 6 smaller meals where you eat to contentment than to gorge yourself at 3 or less and many a nutrition diet is based on this. From here it’s simply a matter of which foods to eat and which portions to eat them at and this ties into calorie counting.