Protein is one important nutrient that you must have. It is important in keeping your muscles healthy. This helps in repairing damaged muscles and to build new ones. You have to take in enough of this for you to be able to perform well in training and during the main event.


Always remember that carbohydrates is the primary energy source of your body. You need to have enough supply of this for you to have enough energy to supply the things that you need to do. Keep in mind that you need enough energy in sports so you try to make sure that you eat enough carbohydrates.

You are highly advised to eat regularly for your body to have a steady supply of nutrients needed. Try to eat small meals regularly so that you can have the energy needed. It is very important to have a steady improvement in performance in the game.


You need to remember that you need to eat healthy fats only and keep away from unhealthy ones. Try to eat foods like fish and healthy oils to have a steady supply of healthy fats like Omega 3 and 6. Just avoid trans fat from unhealthy food sources to keep a healthy body.


Always remember that you need enough nutrients. Fruits and vegetables are good sources of essential nutrients that you will need for a good performance in sports. Try to eat more fruits like oranges and bananas for better muscle contraction.


You need to remember that you need to drink enough water to keep your body functioning. Try to drink as much water as you can to have a healthy body for sports. Water helps in the metabolism of the food in your body. This also removes the waste products inside.

There are a lot of things that you need to remember if you want to start an effective sports nutrition plan. You need to be disciplined in choosing appropriate foods for your diet. Keep in mind that nutrition plays an important part in keeping a good performance.